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Watch wife have sex with another man. Watching your wife have sex with another man may be a next step, or progression, from watching yourselves have sex by having a mirror on the ceiling , then.

After the date, the Bull came home with Susie and they had sex.
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Nov 27, Seeing and being turned on by one's partner having sex with other are not supposed to enjoy watching their wives have sex with other men.

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Aug 1, I'm not a man so I wouldn't know what goes through a man's mind in any situation much less while some other guy is sweating and grinding all over me. Also.

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Dec 12, He said he would find it very thrilling knowing it's so taboo to have a wife who is faithful but who he could watch sleeping with other men.

Great sex is more than just physical technique, it has to do with the joy of feeling loved, needed, cherished, and desired. Got a problem?
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